TV Anchor Trolled By Snowden Supporter – Defends Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands/Snowden

Edward Snowden has been in the news again recently, due to the fact he recently joined Twitter and followed one account – the NSA. Being allowed to join the social network has sparked a bit of a free speech debate in the media, due to the fact ISIS and other terror supporters are banned, yet Snowden is allowed despite being on the run from the U.S. government and facing espionage charges. Not to miss an opportunity,  comedian Jon Hendren jumped at the chance to defend the free speech hero Edward… Scissorhands.
“Casting him out is completely wrong,” Hendren said. “We’re treating him like an animal, somebody who should be quarantined and put away. Just because he was created on top of a mountain by Vincent Price, and incomplete, with scissors for hands and no heart…Edward Scissorhands is a complete hero to me.”


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