Surgeons Make Breakthrough In Cure For Blindness

Stem cell trial attempts to cure blindness

Surgeons in London have carried out a pioneering human embryonic stem cell operation in an ongoing trial to find a cure for blindness for many patients.

The procedure was performed on a woman aged 60 at Moorfields Eye Hospital.

It involved “seeding” a tiny patch with specialised eye cells and implanting it at the back of the retina.

The London Project to Cure Blindness was established a decade ago to try to reverse vision loss in patients with age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Ten patients with the wet form of AMD will undergo the procedure.

All will have suffered a sudden loss of vision as a result of defective blood vessels in the eye.

They will be monitored for a year to check that the treatment is safe and whether their vision improves.

The woman who was the patient – and does not wish to be named – had the operation last month.

via – BBC News – Read the full article here

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