Did A Mega Flood Wipe Out Life On Mars?

A shot of mars - did a mega flood destroy life there?

Mars was once hit by a super massive “mega flood” of truly biblical proportions, scientists have confirmed.

Space researchers have uncovered new evidence which proves a huge deluge took place more than three billion years ago.

The announcement comes just days after NASA revealed proof that liquid water can still be found on Mars.

This apocalyptic event released enough water to drown most of Europe, carving out massive channels on the Martian surface which can still be seen today.

It may also have washed away traces of ancient life – as well as preserving tell tale signs which could answer the question of whether living things finally called Mars home.

Now a group of scientists have published research which points to the exact reason for this flood.

A team from the Planetary Science Institute and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona suggested the flood was caused by massive deposits of ice and sediment that collected in canyons beneath the planet’ long lost ancient ocean.

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