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A shot of mars - did a mega flood destroy life there?

Did A Mega Flood Wipe Out Life On Mars?

Mars was once hit by a super massive “mega flood” of truly biblical proportions, scientists have confirmed. Space researchers have uncovered new evidence which proves a huge deluge took place more than three billion years ago. The announcement comes just days after …
Facebook crashes again this month

Facebook Goes Offline For Third Time This Month

Facebook crashed late Monday afternoon to the dismay of thousands of users, but there’s good news: The social media site was restored after a nearly 40-minute total blackout, and several hours of partial problems. The cause of the crash was “a configuration issue,” …
Jim Carrey's Ex-Girlfriend Found Dead In Apparent Suicide

Jim Carrey’s Ex-Girlfriend Found Dead

Jim Carrey’s ex-girlfriend Cathriona White, 28, has tragically committed suicide, just days after breaking up with the comedian for a second time. The make-up artist, originally from the small town of Cappawhite in Ireland’s County Tipperary, was found dead at her Los …